Canon EOS M6 Mark II Digital Mirrorless Camera

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                                                     Canon EOS M6 Digital Mirrorless Camera


Camera Features

Capture fleeting moments in time with a camera that’s lightning fast to respond, focus and shoot at up to 14fps. The Canon EOS M6 Mark II’s portable design can be taken virtually anywhere, making this the perfect photographic tool with which to document your life and explore everyday creative moments.


  • Up to 14fps or 30fps RAW Burst Shooting With Full Autofocus - Keeps Moving Subjects Pin Sharp
  • Captures Superb 32.5 Megapixel Images Even In Low Light 
  • Crop, Process & Resize While Maintaining Image Quality
  • Capture 4K Video Up To 30P & Full HD Footage At Frame Rates Up To 120P
  • Compose From Any Angle Using A Flip-up Touchscreen
  • The EOS M6 Mark II’s Controls Can Be Customised - It’s Like Having a Camera Designed Just For You
  • Lightweight - Just 408g Including Battery & Memory Card
  • Bluetooth & Built In WIFI You Can Share Images & Movies Via Canon Camera Connect App & Automatically Sync Images To Your Phone Or Tablet

                                       canon EOS M6 Mark II digital camera

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Canon EOS M6 Mark II Digital Mirrorless Camera
Canon EOS M6 Mark II Digital Mirrorless Camera

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