Desview R6 UHB 5.5-inch 2800nits On Camera Touch Monitor


Time to Stand in the Sun!

Desview R6 UHB Touchscreen Monitor features 2800nits ultra high brightness, giving clear and no-reflective display even under the strong sunlight. 1920*1080 resolution and 1000:1 high contrast ratio brings images with more details in shadows and highlights. The 5.5inch Pocket size and 8.5oz weight make it more portable for going out and shooting microfilm, documentary, advertising, music video and more.

Advanced Heat Dissipation
Many UHB monitors on the market have serious problems with heat. Our R6 cooling system with level-adjustable silent fan helps dissipate the heat quickly and intelligently, which makes it under 50℃ during 30m-1h working. Besides, the brightness can automatically decrease as the temperature rises in case of overheating.

4K HDMI In/Out & Headphone Jack
Supporting HDMI signal input/output up to 4K signal, Desview R6 can be connected directly to most DSLR or HD/4K video cameras and synchronise footage smoothly. 3.5mm headphone jack allows you to monitor the audio in real time.

Support Custom 3D LUTs & HDR
Desview R6 boasts custom 3D LUT function via SD card (inbuilt Log files) for fast colour calibration. The HDR function in R6 contains HLG mode and PQ mode. They both provides wider colour gamut and higher dynamic range, making the images more vivid.

Professional Assisting Features
More monitor functions are equipped for improving your filming, such as False Colour, Zebra, Histogram, Waveform, Vectoscope, All Wave, Single Colour, Peaking and Safe Area, better assisting in exposure, focusing and composition.

Key Features:

  • 2800nits Ultra Highlight for Filming in the Sun
  • 1920*1080 resolution and 1000:1 high contrast ratio
  • Support 4K HDMI Input/Output without Delay
  • Sensitivie Touchscreen & Shortcut Icons
  • 3D-LUT, Full Waveform, Vector Scope, and HDR
  • Level-adjustable Silent Fan
  • Supports NP-F550 and E6 Batteries Power Supply
  • Charge for Camera in Real Time
  • Gimpro Mini Cold Shoe Accessory
Desview R6 UHB 5.5-inch 2800nits On Camera Touch Monitor
Desview R6 UHB 5.5-inch 2800nits On Camera Touch Monitor

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