Digipower Replacement for Canon BP-511 battery pack

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Looking for a Canon BP-511 Battery replacement? The Digipower BP-CN511 Camcorder battery is a perfect accessory for a Canon camcorder. This battery is meant to offer you consistent, reliable power to your compatible Canon Camcorder.
This specific replacement battery is able to replace the 5D Battery, the G2 Battery, the D60 Battery, the G1 Battery, along with a number of other Canon camcorder battery packs. For the complete listing of compatible camcorders please select the "Compatibility" tab located above this text.
A high-quality battery is one of the most crucial accessories you could have for your digital camera or camcorder. A high-quality battery such as the Digipower BP-CN511 Digital Camcorder battery will increase the battery-life of a Canon camcorder with a run time of 125 minutes.
  • Li-ion BATTERY Type
  • Voltage: 7.4V
  • Capacity: 1300mAh