Hahnel Speedlight Softbox 80cm Kit

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A portable and versatile softbox, compatible with all hot-shoe mounted speedlites & Bowens Mount accessories. Includes air-cushioned light stand.

Designed for off-camera use with hot shoe mounted flashguns the Hahnel Speedlite Softbox80 Kit contains everything you need to produce beautiful softly lit images.

The kit includes an 80 x 80cm 'pop-up' softbox complete with two diffusion panels and a honeycomb grid for added control. The HB bracket that holds the flash can also

take S-Type fitting lighting accessories and umbrellas opening up a whole range of possibilities. A 3-section air-cushioned light stand is included together with a carry case for storage, protection and transportation.


Softbox 80 Kit Includes:

  • Light Stand Air
  • 3-section aluminium air-cushioned Light Stand
  • Air-cushioned system provides maximum support & protection
  • Secure, easy to adjust leg clamps to quickly adjust the height
  • 16mm Spigot with 1⁄4 inch 20 UNC thread
  • SoftBOX80
  • Large 80 x 80cm size
  • Compatible with all hot-shoe mounted Speedlites
  • Two-layer diffuser panels included for additional soft lighting
  • HB Bracket included which fits Umbrella, Multi-flash Bracket & other Bowens Mount accessories
  • Honeycomb grid
Hahnel Speedlight Softbox 80cm Kit
Hahnel Speedlight Softbox 80cm Kit

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