Interfit Fluorescent Ring Light 48cm (19″)

A cool-running, shoot through ring light. Ideal for creating an even, flat light with unique catch lights.
The 48 cm (19″) Fluorescent Ring Light creates a unique lighting style unattainable through traditional lighting fixtures.  
Although it can also be used as a traditional directional light source, the ring light:
  • allows you to shoot through the middle of a light source for soft wrap-around light
  • fills shadows created by imperfections to create a smooth texture on your subject’s skin
  • creates a distinct solid white ring catch light in your subject’s eyes
This ring light also features:
  • an all-metal housing
  • a user replaceable 5400K lamp
  • a flexible spring arm for precise positioning
Whats in the box:
  • 1 - 48cm (19") Fluorescent Ring Light with built-in power cable
  • 1 - 65W Fluorescent Lamp
  • 1 - Flexible Spring Arm
Interfit Fluorescent Ring Light 48cm (19″)
Interfit Fluorescent Ring Light 48cm (19″)

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