Lee 100 Long Exposure Kit


The Long Exposure Kit is everything you need for a perfect introduction to the addictive world of long exposure photography. With a filter holder, an ND grad for the sky, and a Big and Little stopper to stretch those exposure times, all you need is an adaptor ring to get underway.

LEE100 filter holder
Our new filter holder comes with three filter-guide blocks and a pouch.

0.6 hard neutral density grad
Ideal for a wide range of landscape and lighting scenarios. As – with all our grads, it can be used in conjunction with the Stopper range of filters.

Big Stopper
The original long-exposure filter, which lengthens exposures by 10 stops. All stopper filters come with a protective tin.

Little Stopper
Perfect for shooting long exposures in lower light, the Little Stopper lengthens exposures by six stops.

Lee 100 Long Exposure Kit
Lee 100 Long Exposure Kit

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