Lee Big Stopper - 10 stop filter



The Lee 4 x 4" Big Stopper Filter is used when you need something to reduce your exposure by 10 stops. This unique and powerful filter will now permit you to easily "blur" images such as moving water, cars, sports and other subjects. The effect of this filter permits you to use much slower shutter speeds as well as wider lens apertures.

The Big Stopper has a foam gasket on one side of the filter and is designed to make a light-tight seal when it is put into the first slot on the Lee Foundation Kit. It will fit any matte box that holds a 4x4” filter, but it may not make a light-tight seal, which is necessary for long-exposure photography. An optional adapter ring for your lens is required. You can even combine this filter with other Lee filters such as Graduated Neutral Densities to achieve additional special effects.  The 4 x 4" format gives you the freedom to use the Big Stopper with many different lenses.

As with all Lee Filters, The Big Stopper is made to exacting standards. It is best used for outdoor, nature and location photography.

Allows you to use a much slower shutter speed or wider lens aperture
This filter will permit you to "blur" moving objects such as water, rivers, cars, etc
Increased exposure times open up a whole new vista of photographic potential
Lee Big Stopper - 10 stop filter
Lee Big Stopper - 10 stop filter

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