My Studio Creators Kit


MyStudio Creators kit with Green Screen,

Tripod with Smartphone Holder, Microphone & Video Light

MyStudio is a complete home video studio in a box. With MyStudio, fun and creative videos are a few simple steps away.

Simply film yourself in front of the green screen and add your favourite background from one the various apps available. You are also free to use any picture or film from your private gallery to function as your background. It´s so easy!

You will want to make more unique videos to share with family and friends. All you need is a smartphone and MyStudio.

Green screen (200x300cm)

The MyStudio Green Screen measures 2 × 3 meters and is supplied with two mounting brackets and clips.
Secure the fabric in a suitable, light spot and make sure that it doesn't wrinkle.
When setting up the tripod, pay attention to the correct distance: It is optimal when the green screen completely fills the image captured by the camera.

Tripod with smartphone holder (extendable up to 120cm in height)

Pull the three feet of the tripod completely open so that it can stand firmly and stably - and it's done!
With the help of the individual screws you can adjust the height of the tripod exactly as you need it for your recording.
Make sure that the MyStudio Green Screen fills the entire image in the camera.

Fastening the smartphone: You attach the smartphone holder directly to the tripod column using the clamp bracket.
This is compatible for smartphones up to a width of 3.7 "/ 9 cm. Be careful when attaching the smartphone and make sure that it does not fall down.

Video light (6 "/ 15.2cm diameter)

  • Swiveling
  • Different levels of brightness
  • Different color temperatures (2900K-5500K)
  • 8 watts
  • 1440-1800LM (lumens)

Screw the video light onto the ball head supplied and use it to attach it to the top of the tripod. Thanks to the ball head, the video light can still be swiveled.
The light ring is supplied with power via the supplied USB cable. So you can connect the plug to the USB port on your PC or use a normal USB power supply unit or a power bank.

There is also a remote control on the cable of the video light that you can use to turn it on and off. You can also use it to control the color temperature (warm white, universal white or daylight white) and the brightness in ten levels.



The microphone is a clip-on microphone.
You connect it to the smartphone using the adapter and extension cable provided.
This way you can attach the microphone to your clothing inconspicuously and be sure that the connection cable is long enough.

Jump into the background of your choice:

Never been to New York?
No problem! Because with MyStudio you can even "beam" yourself to the moon.
There are no limits to your imagination!

Position yourself with the MyStudio Green Screen underwater, in the jungle, on the edge of the volcano or on the stage of your choice.

You can of course also use your own photos and videos as a background.
Everything is possible! You are the star.



  • 2x3m green screen with 2x clips and mounting brackets each
    (material: cotton)

  • Extendable tripod with smartphone holder
    (max.height 120cm)

  • 6 "/15.2cm video light with adjustable color temperature
    (with USB cable)

  • Clip-on microphone with extension cable

  • 3.5mm adapter for USB Type-C and 3.5mm cable for iPhones


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My Studio Creators Kit
My Studio Creators Kit

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