Panasonic HC-VXF990 4K Camcorder


Panasonic HC-VXF990 4K Camcorder

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Capture Breathtaking 4K Videos and Photos with Panasonic’s latest HC-VXF990 Camcorder. Panasonic’s HC-VXF990 offers high quality Core Technologies including Clear Optics, Accurate Scenes and Crystal Engine 4K. The Crystal Engine 4K features a high speed, large scale integrated circuit to process the high volumes of 4K data quickly and accurately while reducing noise. Clear Optics are achieved by the remarkable LEICA Dicomer lens. This lens produces the subtle nuances and shading that LEICA lenses are renowned for, with minimised ghosting and flaring.

Wireless Multi Camera is another new feature this year. Enjoy a new kind of shooting style that lets you add even more emotion to your movies. Using Wi-Fi you can link to as many as three smartphones and simultaneously record up to two of them as sub windows. These sub images can be interchanged and their display positions can be switched. This lets you shoot from a variety of angles and view points, to capture a higher level of emotional impact.
With the New HDR (High Dynamic Range) Movie function you can enjoy even crisper and cleaner videos. It combines two images taken with different exposures to suppress blown highlights and blocked shadows.
Cinema Like Effect is another great new feature offered by Panasonic’s HC-VXF990 this year. Within Cinema Like Effect one can shoot in slow and quick video, slow motion video, dolly zoom and slow zoom. All these effects will help the user achieve a pro like video and turn everyday scenes into works of art.


Panasonic HC-VXF990 4K Camcorder
Panasonic HC-VXF990 4K Camcorder

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