Peak Design Capture Nikon Lens Kit


Capture Lens

Product Description

Changing lenses is one of the most common workflows in photography & It’s also one of the most frustrating!... Enter CaptureLENS®

Based on our flagship Capture Camera Clip - CaptureLENS lets you:

  • Change Lenses Rapidly, with Just One Hand
  • Holds Your Unused Lens Rigidly & Securely
  • Wear CaptureLENS On Any Backpack Strap, Belt or Bag
  • Keeps Your Spare Lens Quickly Accessible & Frees Up The Inside Of Your Bag For Other Gear
  • Choose From Canon EF, Nikon F or Sony E/FE Mounts

Capture Nikon Lens Kit Includes: 1 Clip & 1 Lens Kit Adapter. 

Peak Design
Peak Design Capture Nikon Lens Kit
Peak Design Capture Nikon Lens Kit

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