Sony 128GB SF-G series TOUGH SDXC Card

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World’s toughest SD card
SF-G series TOUGH specification cards are designed for dependability. The one-piece moulding body with high hardness materials is 18 times more bend resistant than the SD standard, impact resistant for drops up to 5 m and highest level dustproof and waterproof (IP68).
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Fragile parts designed out
By designing out the weak parts of conventional SD cards - the ribs and write-protect switch - reliability is vastly improved. This reduces risk of difficulty in recording data if broken.

Superior water and dust proofing
The fully-sealed one-piece moulding meets the highest specifications for both waterproofing and dust proofing. With an IP68 rating, the SF-G series TOUGH specification cards can withstand fine dust, mud, grime and immersion in 5m of water for up to 72 hours.

World’s fastest2 SD card
Take burst-shooting and high resolution video recording to the next level with ultra-fast write speeds up to 299 MB/s3 - fast enough for even the highest performance DSLRs with a UHS-II interface.
V90 for capturing high-resolution video

Support for the latest V90 Video Speed Class makes this card perfect for high-resolution video recording. V90 is the highest grade of Video speed class which guarantees minimum write speed of 90 MB/s, so you can feel confident there won't be any dropped frames or caching, even when capturing up to 8K video.
Faster Transfer to PC
With up to 300 MB/s3 read speed, you can transfer large files such as 4K video or a bunch of high-resolution images to a PC in seconds. Less time waiting, more time doing.

SD Scan Utility
It would be a disaster if your camera suddenly stopped storing images. Over time all SD memory wears out and the card stops recording data reliably. Sony’s SD Scan Utility regularly and automatically scans your SD memory card and lets you know when it’s about time to replace it with a fresh card. Disaster avoided. Available for PC and Mac.
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Reliable in all conditions
In addition to top rating dust and water proofing, TOUGH specification cards are resistant to X-rays (ISO7816-1), magnetic fields, UV, and temperature extremes. All while retaining broad compatibility with cameras and other SD card readers.

File Rescue4
Sometimes things go wrong and you accidentally delete files and photos. File Rescue is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that recovers data. Available as a free download for Sony memory card customers.   
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TOUGH specification with crush and shock-proof design
Ribless and switchless design enhances reliability, eliminating risks of breakage
Highest level (IP68) dust and water proofing
World's fastest write speed at up to 299MB/s 3 for burst and high-resolution imaging
SD Scan Utility monitors the condition of your card and lets you know before it has reached its write cycle limit.


  • Up to 300MB/s (HD312), Up to 95MB/s (SDR104)
  • Up to 299MB/s (HD312), Up to 90MB/s (SDR104)
  • Class 10 (SD Speed Class), Class 3 (UHS Speed Class), V90 (Video Speed Class)
  • UHS-II
Sony 128GB SF-G series TOUGH SDXC Card
Sony 128GB SF-G series TOUGH SDXC Card

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