Think Tank

Think Tank Slim Changer™

SKU: T221

Change your batteries, teleconverters, small lenses, RF Transceivers, and other SLR items in this one easy-access slim bag. It's large enough to... More

Think Tank Digital Holster™ 50 V2.0

SKU: T881

The Digital Holster 50 V2.0 is designed to carry a gripped DSLR such as the Nikon D3/D4 series or the Canon 1D/1Ds/1DX series. It also accommodates... More

Think Tank SubUrban Disguise 10

SKU: T799

The SubUrban Disguise 10 is a full-featured shoulder bag specifically designed to accommodate standard-size DSLR systems. This shoulder bag has a... More

Think Tank Modular™ Component Set V2.0

SKU: T321

Set includes - Lens Changer 50 V2.0, LC 75 Pop Down V2.0, Strobe Stuff, Speed Changer V2.0, Large Travel Pouch   The Modular Rotation... More

Think Tank Pro Speed Belt™ V2.0 M-L

SKU: T007

This fully padded 3.5” waist belt allows you to “rotate or lock” Modular, Skin, and Multimedia components for even weight distribution... More

Think Tank Pixel Pocket Rocket™

SKU: T209

Keep your most important items secure and organized.  Store 10 CF or XQD memory cards in a small package that fits easily in your... More

Think Tank CF/SD and Battery Wallet

SKU: T971

One lightweight, secure, and convenient wallet for your spare memory card and battery. All you need is a compact backup. No more fumbling for... More

Think Tank Lens Changer™ 75 Pop Down V2.0

SKU: T178

Belt pouch accommodates longer lenses, such as the 70-200mm f/2.8 and similarly sized glass. Unique “Pop Down” feature increases the... More

Think Tank Digital Holster™ 20 V2.0

SKU: T866

The Digital Holster 20 V2.0 is designed for standard-size DSLRs such as the Canon 5D Mark III, 7D, 6D, and 60D or Nikon D800 (snug fit), D600, D300s,... More

Think Tank Modular™ Skin Set V2.0

SKU: T326

Set includes - Skin 50 V2.0, Skin 75 Pop Down V2.0, Skin Strobe V2.0, Skin Body Bag, Large Travel Pouch   The Modular Rotation System is... More