Benro Slim Video Tripod Alu 4 Sec + S2CSH Video Head


Benro TSL08A Slim Video Tripod Aluminium 4 sec + S2CSH Video Head Video Tripod Kit

  • The Benro SLIM tripods feature a slim profile shoulder making the tripod to be more compact when folded. With a maximum weight capacity of 2.5kg, this tripod is ideal for shooting video with mirrorless or compact DSLR cameras or camcorders.
  • The SLIM tripod legs feature anodised aluminium twist locks that only require a quick half turn to lock and unlock. A grooved centre column prevents twisting when in use and can be reversed for low to the ground shots. A weight hook is located underneath the centre column for windy conditions. The rubber feet on the tripod are fixed.
  • Benro SLIM features a lightweight magnesium shoulder that has 3 leg positions and each leg can be positioned individually for uneven terrain. Staying level is made easy with included bubble levels on both the tripod shoulder and the head.
Benro Slim Video Tripod Alu 4 Sec + S2CSH Video Head
Benro Slim Video Tripod Alu 4 Sec + S2CSH Video Head

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