Canon EF 600mm f/4L IS III



An exceptional super-telephoto performance
The world’s lightest 600mm f/4 lens,* delivering outstanding image quality and a polished professional performance. A five-stop Image Stabilizer lets you shoot handheld, letting you react more quickly.

Superb image quality
The EF 600mm f/4L IS III delivers ultra-high sharpness and very low levels of distortion. Fluorite lens elements reduce coloured fringing and boost resolution and contrast.

Built to 
An advanced optical formula not only boosts image quality, but also makes the EF 600mm f/4L IS III more portable, making it easier to use on location.

Focus quickly & accurately
Sharp focus is achieved quickly and quietly, using ring-type USM autofocus. Dynamic subjects are tracked accurately as they move about the frame.

  • World’s lightest 600mm f/4 lens*
  • f/4 maximum aperture
  • 5-stop Image Stabilizer
  • 9-bladed diaphragm
  • Focus lock/activate controls

What’s in the box
  • EF 600mm f/4L IS III
  • Lens Cap E-185C
  • Lens Dust Cap E
  • Lens Wide Strap B
  • Drop-in Screw Filter Holder 52 (W III)
  • Lens Soft Case LS-600
  • Lens Hood ET-160 (W III)
  • User manual kit
Canon EF 600mm f/4L IS III
Canon EF 600mm f/4L IS III

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