Canon EOS R1 Body

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Canon are announcing the development of the EOS R1: a flagship mirrorless EOS that will let you get ahead of the game.


As more information becomes available from Canon, we will update this product page.


We’re developing the EOS R1 to meet the extremely high demands and needs of professionals. EOS R1 will have newly developed image processor DIGIC Accelerator alongside DIGIC X and a new sensor – a combination that will allow data processing at high speed for advanced AF tracking and enhanced image quality.

On your marks…
We’re excited to announce the development of the EOS R1 full-frame mirrorless camera. This flagship camera will use a newly developed DIGIC Accelerator image processor alongside the existing DIGIC X and a new sensor, to process large amounts of data at high speed, bringing new advances for professionals.

Get set…
The EOS R1 will persistently track subjects in sport scenarios, even when they’re momentarily hidden from view – for example, when subjects intersect in team sports. The newly developed Action Priority function will automatically detect the main subject performing a specific action (such as shooting a ball) and instantly move the AF frame, allowing photographers to capture key moments.
The combination of the new image-processing system and deep-learning technologies will contribute to improved image quality.

Canon will be launching the EOS R1 this year.

Canon EOS R1 Body
Canon EOS R1 Body

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