Desview R5 5-inch On Camera Touch Monitor


The World is at Your Fingertips

Desview R5 monitor innovates a new touch screen that allows users to give all instructions only by touching. Touching the screen twice for the main menu, pinch-to-zoom gesture for image zoom. No complicated button control is needed.

Enjoy Lifelike Images
Desview R5 500nits field monitor boasts high resolution of 1920x1080. The excellent pixel density of 401ppi goes beyond humans‘ noticeable maximum 300ppi, delivering higher fidelity and better image details.

Support Custom 3D LUTs
You can load the monitor with up to 28 groups LUT files for colour calibration via the SD Input and the SD Card supplied (inbuilt Log files). Just a few simple touch operations, your footages would turn into professional-grade production with rich colours.

4K HDMI In/Out & Headphone Jack
It supports HDMI input and output up to 4K signal format. It not only displays undistorted live signals, but also sends them to another monitor device simultaneously. 4K HDMI ports guarantee high definition and fast signal transmission. You can monitor the audio in real time using the 3.5mm headphone jack.

HDR for Better Colour and Brightness
The HDR function in Desview R5 monitor contains HLG mode and PQ mode. They both provides wider colour gamut and higher brightness range. The former has better compatibility with non-HDR devices while the later performs better at displaying the brightness changes and light & dark details of the scenery.

Professional Monitoring Features
Aiming to assist in exposure, focusing and framing, Desview R5 integrates many necessary monitor functions, like Waveform, Histogram, Peaking Filter, Check Field and Safe Frame. Your filming will be improved dramatically with the help of these features.

Desview R5 5-inch On Camera Touch Monitor
Desview R5 5-inch On Camera Touch Monitor

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