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Bermingham Cameras Photowalks


To help you get the most from your camera we organise photo walks around Dublin City centre, run in in conjunction with the Outdoor Studio.
These Photowalks are completely free to anyone who has purchased a camera from us and catering for all levels. The different routes around the city usually take approximately 1.5-2 hours to complete.
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For more information please contact sales@berminghamcameras.ie


 Canon FREE half day training course. To register please click here

The BEGINNERS SESSION is aimed at those who have just bought their first digital SLR and who have been mainly using their EOS Digital SLR in Auto Mode. The course will concentrate on the use of the Basic Zones; Portrait Mode, Landscape and Programme Mode etc.

It is recommended that owners of the 7D MkII, 5D MkIII, 6D and 1DX cameras should choose the intermediate Session.

The INTERMEDIATE SESSION is for those who are on their second Digital SLR or who want to start taking more control of their camera. This session will concentrate on the use of Av and Tv modes along with Programme Mode. Attendees will also learn specific shutter speeds and apertures which will be most useful in their day-to-day photography.


See http://www.canon.ie/training for more information

To register for your free Canon training course you will need to enter your code from the voucher provided by our staff at time of purchase.