Sony Alpha 9 III | Full-frame Mirrorless Camera **NOW IN STOCK**


A new movement

Featuring the world's first1 full-frame image sensor with a global shutter system, the α9 III is a game changer, capturing fast-moving subjects with absolutely no image distortion and preserving split-second moments in stunning detail.

The Alpha 9 III redefines camera design for sports and wildlife photography. This latest Alpha 9 model features an innovative Exmor RS™ sensor with a global shutter – the world’s first Full-frame stacked 24.6MP CMOS sensor to feature a global shutter system. Bid farewell to motion blur and viewfinder blackout. Capture at an incredible 120fps with full AF and AE tracking. The AI processing ensures precise subject recognition, while a maximum shutter speed of 1/80000 sec freezes fast subjects. Enjoy seamless flash sync at all speeds, eliminating light drop-off seen with High-Speed Sync (HSS). Experience the power of one frame.

A New Technological Leap
Step into a new era of photography with the Alpha 9 III, featuring a newly developed Exmor RS™ image sensor that is the world’s first Full-Frame stacked 24.6MP CMOS sensor to feature a global shutter system. No more distortion in fast-paced scenes. This cutting-edge technology guarantees perfect shots every time, even in video. Shoot high-resolution 4K 120fps video without cropping, enabling precise angle pre-visualisation. With 6K oversampling, it delivers exceptional 4K image quality.

Capture all fleeting moments
Blackout-Free Continuous Shooting at up to 120 fps, ensuring no more missed shots, and with the AI processing unit, every subject is recognised and captured with stunning precision. Additionally, the new pre-capture feature and burst continuous shooting mode enables you to either speed up the frame rate or capture the action before you press the shutter button, all while preserving the option to shoot in RAW.

Fastest and most accurate Autofocus yet
In addition to Sony's exceptional AI-based AF, this camera now detects subjects' eyes from a distance, providing extra tools for professionals to capture uncompromisingly sharp shots. It's also paired with a 9.44 million-dot EVF and rapid refresh rates, that guarantee that your subjects stay in focus no matter how dynamic the scene. Experience sharper, clearer focus that extends beyond your expectations.

Lightning-Fast Shooting
For the first time, experience a blistering shutter speed of 1/80,000 second, enabling you to freeze moments that your eye couldn't perceive. What's more, the flash sync speed has been enhanced to match any shutter speed you wish to use. Unleash your portrait photography creativity even in broad daylight.

The Ultimate Professional Tool
The Alpha 9 III has been meticulously crafted with professionals in mind, focusing on both comfort and execution speed. This camera offers a robust and durable body design, featuring a new grip for enhanced handling. With a 4-axis multi-angle screen, new customisable buttons, and improved connectivity, it's designed to meet the demands of professional photographers.

Sony Alpha 9 III | Full-frame Mirrorless Camera **NOW IN STOCK**
Sony Alpha 9 III | Full-frame Mirrorless Camera **NOW IN STOCK**

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